UT-Austin – Winship Drama Building HVAC & Electrical Renewal (Phase I, II, & III)

This project was focused on replacing the existing double-ended electrical switchgear.  Originally constructed in 1961, F. Loren Winship Drama Building is home to the UT Department of Theater and Dance.

Phase one’s scope of work included the replacement of all existing electrical distribution, alongside the two main 12.5kV transformers, double-ended switchgear, and select main feeder and branch circuit panelboards. Additionally, the automatic transfer switch was replaced and relocated to establish new code compliant room separation.

Phase two’s scope of work included replacement of three air handling units, as well as the existing chilled water piping, steam piping, and piping appurtenances, which were reconfigured based on the new unit structure. The engineering team also replaced four sump pumps, the domestic hot water generator and associated appurtenances, and revised the ventilation for the electrical room. Additional scope of work included removal and replacement of electrical service, five various exhaust fans, branch circuit panels, disconnects, starters, VFDs, and branch circuit wiring. Also lighting improvements were designed where needed for maintenance conditions.

The scope for the final phase included removing the existing air handlers, which were located on a small, cramped platform, and replacing them with a new roof mounted air handler and new steam reheat boxes. Additionally, structural reinforcement of the roof and a new curb were required to accommodate these changes.  Furthermore, this project also replaced a hot and a cold air handler, in a crowded basement, with a new hot and a new cold air handler with a shared return plenum.  Access to the hot unit was through the cold unit mixing section.  These air handlers were field built.

Throughout much of construction, ballet summer camp was held in this building with minimal effect on the campers or the construction schedule.

Project Title:  Winship Drama Building HVAC & Electrical Renewal (Phase I, II, & III)

Project Location:  Austin, Texas

Owner:  The University of Texas at Austin

Project Size:  108,000 SF

Total Project Cost:  $1,010,000 (Ph I), $3,038,000 (Ph II), $2,225,305 (Ph III)

Services Provided:  Mechanical, Electrical, & Plumbing Engineering